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1. A RENTER will be charged $200 break fee should they break the lease agreement.

2. In the event that the RENTER break’s their lease, the full bond amount will be retained by management.

3. In the event that the RENTER is able to find a replacement RENTER to continue the lease, management can refund the full bond when their is a succesful handover to the replacement RENTER. The replacement renter must satisfy conditions of residency.

4. If a RENTER decides to transfer rooms during the tenancy, a $200 admin fee is charged by management to process. A new rental agreement is to be drawn up.

5. If a RENTER decides to transfer room at the end of tenancy, the RENTER must cover end of lease cleaning charges for the room.

6. The RENTER must provide management with a minimum of 14 days notice.


Lease Break Application Form
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