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  • There are many reasons why living in a rooming house may be suitable for you.

    Affordability: Renting a rooming house is a highly affordable option for tenants. Not only do the houses come fully furnished and equipped, the bills and utility costs are fully inclusive in the monthly rent.

    Flexibility: We can often provide rental options that would suit your situation, such as monthly or long term lease options.  

    Convenience: Our rentals all come furnished, with bills and utilities fully inclusive in the monthly rent. This means you don’t need to worry about buying furniture or arranging electricity and water bills. 

    Trusted: All of our rooming houses are registered with their respective local councils and fully licensed.

A rooming house is a building where one or more rooms are available for occupancy by four or more people (in return for the payment of rent).


(Consumer Affairs Victoria, 2021)

Bills and utilities are fully inclusive in the rent unless stated otherwise.

Rent is calculated by the following formula:

(Weekly Rent x 52 Weeks) ÷ 12 Months

Our rental is payable on a monthly basis.

The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority holds all Victorian residential tenancy bonds in trust; these include those for rented premises, long-term caravans, rooming houses, and caravan sites under site agreements.

(Consumer Affairs Victoria, 2021)

All RoomingKos properties require a bond payment for rentals.

There are different rules when someone rents a room in a rooming house compared to other types of properties. These rules cover things like how the rental agreements work, and how many people can share a room.
(Consumer Affairs Victoria, 2021)

If you would like to reserve a room in advance, we will require a deposit to be paid depending on when you would like to reserve this room.

In most rooming houses, residents share communal bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and other common areas.

We have weekly inspections for all our properties. If you would like to inspect a property, contact us here 

Our properties are strategically located within walking distance of major universities or institutions. We are also well positioned conveniently near major public transport facilities such as train stations, bus stops, and tram services.

Security is a high priority at RoomingKos. All properties are fully secured with every room equipped with a bedroom lock.

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