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Things to Look Out for When Inspecting Property

Posted by Nathan on 3 April 2023

Looking for a room to rent can be really difficult, after all you’re looking for a place that fits your budget and lifestyle. Which is why going to rental inspection is really important to make sure you’re choosing the property that you actually want and need. There are few things that you need to look out for to make sure that you make the most of your inspection. 


When doing an inspection, you’re not just inspecting the actual property, but also the surrounding area. Which is why location is one thing you need to look out for when inspecting the property. It’s very important to find a place that fits your lifestyle needs. It’s always good to find a place that’s close to public transport or grocery stores.


Another thing that most people ignore is storage. Although you might be renting only for 6 months or 12 months, you need to find a place that has enough storage for all of your needs. This includes pantry storage, cleaning storage, or clothing storage. It can be pretty expensive to buy extra storage, it can take up a lot of space as well, especially since most rental properties can be pretty limited in space.

General condition and cleanliness

Most of the time, you will lease out a property in the same condition you inspect them. So when you notice there are some stains on the carpet, ask your rental provider if they will be rectified before you move-in. When the rental property is not kept clean, it could lead to pest infestation. So you always want to make sure that the property you’re inspecting is in a good condition to avoid any problems in the future.


The last one is space, and this really depends on your lifestyle. If you’re someone that is mostly at school or work and doesn’t really spend a lot of time at home, maybe renting a room is perfect and sufficient for you! Going to an inspection is a great way to really get a glimpse on what living in that place looks like, so you can see whether the space of the rental property is enough for you.

It’s always best to have a checklist on what you need and don’t need in your place. This way you can sort out all the properties you’ve inspected easily. If you’re not sure about anything, always make sure to ask the property manager! Good luck, and happy inspecting!

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