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Six Platforms to Look for Jobs

Posted by Nathan on 6 February 2023

Technology has made almost all parts of our lives easier, and this includes job-hunting! You can now easily look for jobs in your pyjamas at home, rather than having to go door to door handing in your resumes. But you shouldn’t trust everything you see in the online space, instead you should only use platforms that are reliable, like the six platforms listed below: 


Chances are, you’ve probably heard of SEEK. SEEK is Australia’s leading job site, and that’s because of the huge number of jobs advertised on the platform. SEEK also allows you to filter the job opportunities based on the location, salary, and job classifications. SEEK also provides resume storage – so you wouldn’t have to upload them everytime you apply for new jobs, and also application tracking – so you know whether the employers have seen your application.


Just like SEEK, Indeed is another top job portal in Australia. It has similar features like SEEK where you can filter the job opportunities, but Indeed allows you to filter them based on your education level! So if you’re a fresh-graduate for example, you can easily find job opportunities for fresh-graduates! If you have a company that you’ve been wanting to work in, Indeed is the right platform to use as you narrow down your search to the employers you want to work for. 


Although LinkedIn is known as a professional networking platform, it is also a great platform to look for jobs, especially for a more senior role or a corporate job. What’s great about LinkedIn is the jobs will be tailored based on your job searches, and you can subscribe to certain companies to be informed on positions they have available. So if you have a company that you want to work in, LinkedIn can help you be the first to apply!

Jora Local

If you’re looking for a part-time job in hospitality or retail, Jora Local is the perfect platform for you! Jora Local allows you to upload your visa status and availability so it can be easily visible to the employer. This platform is easy to use and you can apply for new jobs with one click, how convenient!


Got extra time during the Semester break, and earn some extra money? You should try Sidekicker! Sidekicker employs casual staff and connects them with various businesses who’re looking for temporary workers, like hospitality, events, retails, warehousing, and many more. You’ll be rated by your employers after every shift you’ve picked up, so make sure you do your best if you want to increase your chances of being employed in the future!


We understand the struggle of finding your first graduate job, but GradConnection might be able to help you! This platform offers jobs for current or recently graduated University students, and you can filter them based on your degree or industry. The platform also provides forums where you can talk to other graduates and make new friends!

Now that you know where to apply, the best thing to do is to dress up your resume, and apply as many as possible! Good luck!

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