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5 Platforms to Find Accommodations for Students & Working Professionals

Posted by Nathan on 6 December 2022

We understand how hard it is to look for accommodation. But with the magic of technology, you can easily find places to live online! So, here we provide you with five reliable platforms so you can easily find the accommodation of your dreams.


UniAcco is extremely popular for prospective residents in Europe, and is starting to make a name in Australia for our own locals. This platform allows you to explore different types of properties, like studios, shared apartments or houses, and many more. You can also search the accommodation based on your University, which makes it easier for you to find a place that is close to your Uni! What makes UniAcco even more unique is how they offer 24/7 expert assistance, where you can enquire or discuss your concerns with an expert!


AmberStudent is also very new in Australia, but it already has over 200+ accommodations! Just like UniAcco, AmberStudent allows you to search your accommodation based on your University. What makes this platform special is that it has a Price-Match guarantee. So if you’ve found the same property that offers a lower price, you can let them know and they will match it. AmberStudent also has partnered up with various service providers like luggage transfers, airport pickup or drop, that can be extremely helpful when you’re moving in and out.

Real Estate Australia

You’ve probably heard this one, but Real Estate Australia is a really good source if you’re looking to find an apartment or a house. Though it’s not going to find you a student accommodation, it is really helpful if you want your own private property, or if you want to share it with someone that you already know. This makes Real Estate Australia the best option for working professionals! And because they have properties almost everywhere in the country, it doesn’t matter which location you’re looking for, you will always find a place to live.


So just like its name, Flatmates is a platform for you to find a new flatmate. Flatmates is very popular in Australia, in fact it is the number one shared accommodation platform! On Flatmates, you can look at profiles of people who are looking to share an accommodation, and some information about themselves. And if you think you’re going to get along with them, you can message them! So it’s technically Tinder, but for flatmates!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is not only useful to buy a second-hand sofa, but also to find a place to live! The listings allows you to filter the location, price, bedroom, and also if it’s pet friendly! Another amazing feature of Facebook Marketplace is that you can see 360° photos, which is really convenient to take a good look of the place you’re interested in. If the information in the description is not enough, you can also contact your host/or the person renting for further information.

Are any of these platforms familiar to you? You can always speak to us if you need more advice on finding a place to live!

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