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Why Monash is a Great Spot to Live in for Students and Working Professionals

Posted by Nathan on 29 November 2022

Still deciding on what area you should live in? Have you considered Monash? No, not the university, but Melbourne’s South-East Suburbs. The City of Monash includes Glen Waverley, Oakleigh, Mulgrave and also Clayton. But why is this area a great spot to live in for students and working professionals?

Multicultural Population

Melbourne is already known for being a multicultural city, and Monash is one of the greatest reflections of that. 50.4% of the residents in Monash are actually from overseas, with the majority from China, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia (Profile ID, 2021). This makes it perfect for international students and working professionals as you can always find new friends from your country. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also meet people from different backgrounds!

Diverse Restaurants

One best thing about living in a very multicultural area is the cuisine! People came from different parts of the world here, which means you can find and try food you’ve never tried before! Isn’t that the best part of living abroad?


Another reason the City of Monash is good for students and working professionals is because it is the second largest employment destination in Melbourne, right after Melbourne CBD. The many restaurants and retail shops means there are a lot of job opportunities, making it the perfect destination for those looking for jobs. With employment opportunities for students, professionals, hospitality, or office work, there are always work opportunities for you.

Great Healthcare

Another great reason to live in Monash is because of the great healthcare! Monash Medical Centre in Clayton is considered one of the best hospitals in Melbourne. It is also part of Victoria’s largest public health service, Monash Health, which makes it even more credible. They offer different ranges of surgical, medical and mental health services. Don’t you feel more secure knowing that there’s a good medical centre around?

Purpose-Built Accommodation for Students and Professionals

With many students and working professionals wanting to live in Monash, there are a lot of properties that are purposely built to suit their needs! There’s heaps of student accommodation around, which makes it perfect for international students to meet new people. RoomingKos have two accommodations in Clayton that have a strategic location for students and working professionals to go to Uni and travel to work. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding our Clayton accommodation!

For further enquiries about living and finding accommodations in Monash, speak to us today!

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