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Why Study in Melbourne?

Posted by Nathan on 8 November 2022

Still unsure of where to take your studies? Have you considered Melbourne? With its diverse, multicultural, and safe environment, Melbourne is considered the best city for international students. Learn more on why Melbourne might just be the best city to take your studies to!

Melbourne is very Multicultural and proud of its diversity

Did you know that Melbourne has over 140 different cultures (Study Melbourne, 2022)? This makes Melbourne the best place for international students in Australia, with a diverse and welcoming environment for people from all over the world. You can also meet people from different backgrounds and experience various multicultural events in Melbourne. So, no matter where you’re from, you will always feel welcome.

Melbourne is Safe

Australia is considered a safe place to live, including Melbourne. In fact, the city is ranked 9th in the world for overall safety in 2021 (Trinity College, 2022), making it a great place to live, study, and work. But of course, you should always take the usual safety precautions as you should anywhere else in the world.

World’s Top Universities

Melbourne is home to six of the top-ranked universities in the world (Trinity College, 2022). Adding to that list, Melbourne has various TAFE institutes, VET providers, private colleges, and English schools all around the city. Melbourne Universities also focus on supporting international students, starting from accommodations, employment, and meeting new people!

Vibrant Arts & Culture Scene

Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia, with plenty of events surrounding the arts & culture scene throughout the year. Not only that, we also have regular arts and culture offerings like cinemas, live music venues, galleries, and many more! There is also plenty of beautiful architecture to admire, like Flinders Street Station and the State Library Victoria.

Everything is accessible!

Melbourne has an incredible transport system, with trams, trains, and buses connecting to all the outer areas of the city. There are also plenty of options for taxis or rideshare vehicles, so there’s no need to get a car. You can also rent an electric scooter or electric bike to navigate in the city while also having fun!

 Coffee Culture

Do you like coffee? If you do, then Melbourne is the right place for you! With trendy cafes around every corner we’re sure you will find your favorite coffee shop in no time! No more feeling sleepy during class!

Purpose-built accommodations

There are plenty of accommodations that are purposely built for students all over the city. Since these accommodations are exclusively for students, you are always a priority. Whether you go to Monash University, RMIT University, or any other universities, you can always find a place that is close to you. RoomingKos have several accommodations in the CBD, Caulfield, Clayton and Malvern East. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding our accommodation.

RoomingKos has helped many international students find trusted student accommodation. For advice on what it’s like to study in Melbourne, please speak to us today!


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