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5 Tips Before Vacating Your Accommodation

Posted by Nathan on 11 October 2022

Moving out can be a hassle, but it can be much easier when you have everything sorted out before you move out. Being prepared means that wherever you go next, the process is smooth, and you’ll minimise the chances of any shocks or setbacks during the end of your lease. Here we’ll take you through some tips to prepare your property for the best chance at getting your bond back and getting a glowing rental review.

Check your lease agreement

You first need to check your lease agreement to ensure you know the conditions for ending your contract, especially the notice period. On the lease agreement, you should be able to find all the responsibilities you need to take on before moving out. Note all essential details you saw on the lease agreement so you won’t miss them later.

Send a move-out notice to your landlord

You need to let your landlord know when you’re moving out. Make sure you let them know at least one month before to give them time to find a new tenant. The move-out notice requires a written notification with information regarding the property and your move-out date. It’s best to set your move-out date as close to the end of the lease agreement as possible to avoid any penalties for breaching the contract.

Make sure your rental payments are up to date

Have you paid your last month of rent yet? Having outstanding payments can complicate and even delay your move-out process. If you haven’t, make sure you do it as soon as possible! It is recommended to settle all payments before you vacate your rental property to get it out of your way.

Check the property for damages

Another important thing before moving out is to check all the property and make sure there is no damage. And if there are, you are responsible for all the expenses in fixing the damages if it’s caused by you, so make sure you got that all sorted out as well. Before you move out, the property must look like it was when you first came in!

Leave the property spotless

The last thing to do is to clean the property. End-of-lease cleaning is necessary before finalising your move. Although you’re not required by law to use a professional cleaning service, it is recommended by most property owners. To avoid additional charges, make sure you leave the place thoroughly cleaned without leaving anything behind, even trash. At RoomingKos, your exit cleaning will be paid at the start of your lease, which means we’ll organise this for you so you don’t need to stress about it!

RoomingKos has helped many international students find trusted student accommodation. For advice about vacating or moving to a new place, please speak to us today!

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