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Why Renting by the Room is Easier than Leasing an Entire House

Posted by Nathan on 27 September 2022

It’s your first time living away from home, and you just realized how expensive renting a property is. Have you considered renting room by room before? If not, here is a list of reasons why renting room by room is more affordable and less stressful.

You don’t need to find people to lease with

You’ve found this great apartment in the city, perfect size, perfect price. Now onto the hardest part, finding a housemate! Maybe you’re a light sleeper who can’t stand any noise, or you’re a clean freak who likes everything to be in its place. When you’re renting the room, you won’t come across all these problems. After all, it’s just going to be for you.

No one is going to move out on you!

Oh, snap! Your housemate just decided that they want to move out! Now you only have 1 month to find another housemate or find a new place to live. But this is not something you need to worry about when renting a room. Everything is in your hands, from the day you move in until the day you move out. Your housemates are responsible for their own leases and don’t have anything to do with you.

Less bills to pay

When you’re a student, paying bills can be really expensive, especially if you live in an apartment by yourself. On top of that, splitting the cost fairly can sometimes be an admin headache. Room-by-room leased properties, all bills and utilities are covered by the landlord. Time to put that extra dollar into your savings account!

Privacy with a smaller price tag

We all know how expensive it can be to get our own place right now. The question is, are they really worth it? Hmm, maybe not! Renting room by room can give you the security and privacy you need but at a more affordable rate. You can still have your independence and do your own thing without having to break the bank.

RoomingKos has helped many international students find trusted student accommodation. For advice about renting room-by-room, please speak to us today!

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