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6 Tips to Secure a Rental Property

Posted by Nathan on 13 September 2022

Looking for a place to rent is far from easy, especially during this time when everyone is fighting to find their perfect home. So, how can you stand out in this sea of competitors? Here we listed some tips – like going to inspections as soon as possible, preparing documents beforehand, and writing follow-up emails that can help you secure the home of your dreams.

Go to inspections ASAP

When you see an advertisement for a property you like, don’t wait, and attend the inspection as soon as possible! There’s a chance that someone might get the property before you even look at it. If there are no listed inspection times, you can always contact the property manager and arrange one.

First impressions matter

The saying is true, first impressions do matter, especially during a rental inspection! Make sure you are polite and respectful to the property manager, as well as the property. Don’t be shy, go up and start a conversation with the agent to make sure you stand out amongst the many, many other prospective renters.

Write a cover letter

Introduce yourself to your landlord or property manager through a well-written cover letter. You can write a short paragraph about who you are as a person, your hobbies and even your plans for the future. Don’t forget to include why you think the property you’re applying for is the best for you and how you will take care of it.

Be ready to submit

So you’ve found your dream apartment? Perfect! However, while you’re filling out the application and preparing all your documents, someone probably has beaten you to it because they’ve pre-filled their applications beforehand. Organizing all the paperwork and supporting documents before the inspections can make your life easier, so all you need to do is click submit.

Post-inspection follow up

A follow-up email is not only powerful after job interviews but also after property inspections! A simple “Thank you for showing me the apartment” email to your property manager can be a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, as well as demonstrate that you are a polite, astute, and a worthy tenant.

Don’t be pressured

We understand, looking for the perfect home can be really stressful. But, don’t let that force you into saying yes to properties you don’t like or can’t afford! If you haven’t made a decision yet, don’t let the agent or anyone pressure you into it. After all, you’re gonna be the one staying in the property, so make sure your new rental is the rental you’ve always dreamed of!

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