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Have you Met Jenny? | International Exchange Student

Posted by RoomingKos on 9 December 2021

Jenny is an international student from Malaysia. She went to Melbourne for a semester exchange at Monash University to study science. She wanted to experience university life as much as she could. She would love to spend more time on the campus. Therefore, she decided to find accommodation near the Monash University campus. She is looking for accommodation with high flexibility because of her temporary exchange program. 

The search

Jenny will be going to Melbourne in 3 weeks but still couldn’t find suitable accommodation based on her needs. She decided to ask her Malaysian friends who study at Monash University. Her friend recommended that she stay at a shared house because it’s very convenient and safe. Her friend’s shared house has one empty room, and it will be a perfect match for Jenny. She wanted to ensure that her parents would not worry much about her while she was away.   

Jenny’s friend introduced to her, and she contacted RoomingKos to ask questions before securing the rooms. She was amazed by the helpful responses from RoomingKos. Although she was in Malaysia, she was provided with detailed information, photos and even a video of the room she would be renting. This greatly helped her form a decision.

The Details

Jenny‚Äôs room is located in Clayton, which is only 10 minutes away from Monash University. She loves her new fully furnished room with ensuite bathroom, private lock, in-room AC and heating and wardrobe. Moreover, the rental is bill inclusive, so she doesn’t have to worry about dealing with the various service providers. 

The Experience 

Jenny enjoys living in his new accommodation because of the convenience and safety. Her parents are less worried about her. Moreover, Jenny enjoys staying in the same house with liked-minded people, who are also studying the same course she is. She managed to have a baking and cooking session with some of her newly formed friends.

RoomingKos has helped many international students like Jenny to find safe and trusted rooming accommodation. For advice about renting for the first time, please speak to us today.

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