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5 Shows To Binge During Lockdown

Posted by RoomingKos on 14 September 2021

If you live in Melbourne, being in lockdown must be very frustrating for you can’t go anywhere or meet your friends. To kill your free time, binge-watching a movie is the best thing to do. Here are my 5 Favourite Shows that you can watch during your free time. 

  1. Friends 

A comedy series based in Manhattan, USA. This series is about 6 friends who are struggling to seek happiness and success throughout their life. Each of them has its uniqueness and comes from different backgrounds. 

Rating : 8.9/10 (IMDb) 

  1. Money Heist 

This series is about 8 thieves who locked themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as criminal masterminds to carry out their masterplan to print €2.4 billion in less than 11 days. This series will make you curious about what will happen next. 

Rating: 8.3/10 (IMDb) 

  1. Never Have I Ever 

It is a coming-of-age comedy story about complicated life as a first-generation Indian American teenage girl in this modern era named Devi. There are many schools and home dramas that she needs to deal with every single day. Moreover, Devi is also navigating a new relationship with her boyfriend. 

Rating : 7.9/10 (IMDb)

  1. Hospital Playlist

Life of 5 high school friends who become lead doctors or professors at Yulje Hospital. Despite their busy schedule, they always have band practice once a week to keep their good relationship. This is the best light movie to watch after a hectic day. 

Rating: 8.8/10 (IMBd)

  1. Nevertheless 

A story of a heartbroken woman who does not believe in love, Yoo Na-Bi, and a man who can’t commit to a relationship, Park-Jae Eon. Yoo Na-Bi meets Park Jae-Eon and they started to change. 

Rating: 7.3/10 (IMDb)

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