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5 Great Places To Exercise During Lockdown

Posted by RoomingKos on 14 September 2021

Keeping yourself active during lockdown is important for your physical and mental health. Walking for at least 10,000 steps a day will improve your mood. Amazingly, Melbourne is surrounded by so many beautiful parks that we could use for exercise during this lockdown. Here are some exercise place recommendations :

  1. Holmesglen Reserve 

Holmesglen Reserve is located along Gardiners Creek Trail. This reserve is only 10-15 minutes walking distance from Malvern East. Recommended for those who would like to go for morning or evening exercise. This park is dog friendly, so bring your dog along when you go out for an exercise.

  1. Yarra Trail 

Cycle, stroll or jog with a view of Melbourne’s rivers. There will be shared paths for walkers and cyclists. Even though you are only a few kilometers from the city but feel thousands of kilometers from the city. A great trail to relax and enjoy nature. 

  1. Royal Botanical Garden (RBG)

If you live 5kms from RBG, it’s worth it to exercise here. The size of RBG is approximately 38 hectares and is surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, lakes, and lawns. There are almost 50,000 individuals from 8,500 different species. You can enjoy the beauty while exercising. 

  1. Monash University Clayton

If you live within 5km of Monash University, than the campus is the perfect place to get in your daily exercise. The campus has stunning walking tracks, breathtaking architecture, a great sport’s oval that includes a running track. This is the perfect place to get km’s in. 

  1. Albert Park Lake 

This lake is located in the center of Albert park’s jogging track. You will be millions of miles away from your home. You can jog or walk around the trail or even do some sailing and paddle-boating activities.

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