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5 Ways To Rent Your Room On Facebook

Posted by RoomingKos on 10 September 2021

The presentation of your rooms will help determine how much to price your room, and who you are looking to attract to your listings. A well-presented room can boost your attraction.

  1. De Clutter.

Less is more. I always declutter my rooms to ensure that my photos are looking stunning. Throw away unnecessary items and furniture. Add furniture that can add value to your listing.

Decluttering your room can give your listing a fresh and clean feel. Keep it simple.
  1. Photography

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to take photos. This one is just obvious. Professional photography will make your listing stand out. If you don’t have a professional photographer available, use the wide-angle function on your phone.

When scrolling through the Facebook marketplace, it’s safe to say most photos are taken with a phone, and often with the worst angle/lighting possible. Do what you can to be better than your competition.

High quality photography will give your listing that extra edge of your comeptition and make you stand out.
  1. Copy/Caption

Be transparent, be clear. When writing the copy for your listing, it is important to lay out your information clearly and transparently. Spending this bit of extra time will filter out casual interest with serious interest.

I found that I was able to filter through to serious tenants because my caption answered alot of frequently asked questions.

See my template here:

Use a simple template that covers all the bases. Saving you time!
  1. Facebook Groups

It’s safe to say that your probably part of a Facebook Group. This is a great tool to advertising a room to an audience that you are genuinely targeting. 

For example, if I have a room in Clayton to rent, and my ideal tenants are students, then it is valuable to post my listings to Facebook Groups that are revolved around these traits. 

  1. Video

Video is a powerful tool in finding tenants. Here are my two ways that I utilise video. Although you should encourage a physical inspection.

I send my clients a pre-recorded video of the room and property. This way to qualify your prospective tenants without needing to organise a physical inspection.

I always ask my prospective tenants to review my video before booking an appointment.

Video Call
Arranging a video call is a great way to meet your prospects. It can also save you and your prospect time as a physical inspection may not be possible.

This allows you to show the room, whilst answering any questions the prospective tenant may have.

If you’re wondering whether you should rent on Facebook, I hope this article really helps If you’re already renting rooms on Facebook, I hope some of my tips can help enhance your experience and get you better results.

If you need help, don’t hestiate to contact us at

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