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Have you met Kevin? | Single Professional

Posted by RoomingKos on 31 August 2021

The Setting

Kevin is 23 years old working professional. He was born and raised in Perth. He got offered a job by one of the big companies as a full-time project manager. His company is located in the heart of Melbourne. He will be starting his new full-time job in two weeks time but does not know where he should live.

Kevin doesn’t want to live in the CBD because of the business and high-costs for parking. He prefers to live in a suburb that still has much entertainment and close to many restaurants. For Kevin, a car is his main transportation regardless of where he will be going. He enjoys driving in the morning so he can stop by a coffee shop before work and hang out with his Melbourian community after work.

The Search

As a working professional, he has many connections in and around Melbourne. Before coming to Melbourne, he called some of his friends to help him find suitable accommodation. His friend recommended him to stay in the Malvern East or Clayton area because it’s surrounded by good restaurants and was located nearby train stations. 

During his search, Kevin looked on Facebook marketplace and other accommodation platform. The property seems nice, so Kevin decided to contact them. However Kevin found the landlord to be pushy, and insisted he paid a deposit before inspecting the property. This made Kevin uncomfortable and he decided not to take the room.

Kevin found the prospect of renting a property himself to be troublesome and difficult. He did not want to spend significant money furnishing a property that he wouldnt be residing in long term.

Finally, he found RoomingKos. Kevin found many room options that were suitable for him. He decided to send an inquiry about the rooms that he was interested in.

The Details

Kevin’s room is fully furnished with ensuite bathroom, private lock, in-room AC and heating and wardrobe. Moreover, the rental is bill inclusive such as utilities and has weekly professional cleaning. Kevin also was provided off-street parking at no extra cost to his rental. 

The property was rented with other working professionals, who were shared the same expectations that Kevin wanted out of a rental.

Kevin was impressed with the level of detail his rental included. The landlord had all the necessary documents that gave Kevin peace of mind.

The Experience 

He found the rental application very simple and easy to understand. He really was really impressed with the level of professionalism which makes him less worried about the rental. 

RoomingKos has helped many working professionals such as Kevin, find safe and trusted rooming accommodation. For advice about renting for the first time, speak to us today.

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