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Have You Met Amanda?

Posted by RoomingKos on 24 August 2021

The Setting
Amanda is a young student who moved to Melbourne from Ballarat to study accounting at Holmesglen TAFE. She is seeking part-time work to complement her studies, as her uni days are only 2 to 3 days a week. 

After doing some research, she found Malvern East to be the best location for her to live because of its close proximity to Holmesglen TAFE and her potential part-time job. She is looking for 6 to 12 leases because she does not like moving too often.

The Search
This was Amanda’s first time living on her own, not sure where to start she spoke to her friends. Amanda ruled out renting an entire property to herself, as it was difficult as a student, and she did not want the trouble of buying furniture and arranging utility costs. Being from Ballarat, she did not have many friends she knew who could team up with her either.

She was recommended to look on Flatmates and Facebook. During her search, Amanda looked at accommodation options on Facebook marketplace. She found some listings that caught her eye, however the unresponsiveness of the seller gave her doubts. 

The lack of transparency provided by some of the sellers made her concerned. She looked at Flatmates but was unsure how professional or trustworthy some of the listings she came across were. 

She was recommended by a friend to check out RoomingKos. Amanda found a variety of rooming options on their website. She found and applied for a room in a property that was situated just 20 meters across the road to Holmesglen TAFE. 

What attracted her most was the location, clean and convenient facilities included in her rent. She was also happy with the clean and tidy facilities.

The Details

Amanda was assured she wouldn’t need to pay any deposit without seeing the room in person. She was even offered the option to video call.

Amanda liked that her rental was flexible, meaning if she decided to leave her contract sooner, she only had to forfeit a two-week bond. 

Amanda’s rental is fully inclusive of bills, utilities such as kitchen, fridge, laundry, internet. The house even has weekly professional cleaning. Her room came fully furnished, private lock, in-room central cooling and heating, and a spacious wardrobe.

Amanda felt that her rental was legitimate and that all the proper documentation required in renting was provided, such as a bond, condition report, rooming house contract. 

The Experience

She found the application process to be really simple for someone renting their first time. She loves her single room, as it perfectly suits her lifestyle. 

She decided to choose RoomingKos for her accommodation in Melbourne and that’s one of the best decisions she has made. 

RoomingKos has helped many students like Amanda, find safe and trusted rooming accommodation. Making the decision to live on your own can be very daunting and harrowing, RoomingKos was able to help her with the next stage of her life.

If you are like Amanda or know someone like Amanda, speak to us today about advice about finding your next rental.

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