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5 Important House Rules That You Need To Know

Posted by RoomingKos on 27 July 2021

One may think living in a rooming house or student accommodation is uncomfortable or disruptive. That is why living in a shared accommodation with other people everyone to respect certain rules. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures, acknowledging these differences can help allow everyone to have a private and comfortable stay.

Here are some rules that our rooming houses include in all our contracts for our tenants. 

  1. Maintain a Reasonable Noise Level 
    Residents must maintain a reasonable noise level. We require tenants to observe a reasonable noise level during their stay. We also require tenants to be mindful of others right to peace and quiet comfort.
  1. Clean and Wash the Dishes Immediately
    When using communal areas such as the kitchen, you are required to clean as you go. Allowing this space to be clean and accessible to the next persons ensures everyone is able to use the kitchen facilities. 
  1. Do Not  Put Your Belongings in the Common Area
    Rooming houses are different to normal share house arrangements. Communal areas are designed for everyone to use and enjoy. Helping keep this area functional means that we require all our tenants not to store personal belongings in the common area.
  2. Avoid Using Items which has Naked Flames 
    Naked flames (i.e., candles, incense) may increase fire, which might be dangerous for the house. Candles and incense will release smoke and will turn on the fire alarm. 
  1. Visitors are Allowed!
    Tenants are allowed to have visitors! Yes, you can have dinner with your mates, lunch with your colleague, a night in with your significant other.

We ensure that any non-residents that visit check-in via the QR code. For those who wish to stay overnight, we ask that you inform the manager of the property.

RoomingKos created these rules to ensure all the tenants have comfort and a pleasant stay on our property. 

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